History of The Augustus Bove House

The Hotel Naples, now The Augustus Bove House was one of the first “summer hotels” of the area. In the Horse and Buggy days, this Hotel was a primary stop on the routes through the Sebago Lakes region wether they were traveling to the Coast, (Portland, Maine) or west to Mt. Washington Valley and North Conway, New Hampshire). Built in 1850, the Naples Hotel was one of three grand Hotels on the Lake.

The area was settled in 1790. Farming was limited by the soil, which consisted of gravelly loam, its surface strewn with glacial erratic boulders. The uplands, however, provided good grazing for livestock, and hay became the principal crop.

Named for Naples, Italy, the town was incorporated on March 4, 1834 from parts of Otisfield, Harrison, Raymond and Bridgton. Between 1845 and 1856, it annexed more land from Sebago, Otisfield and Bridgton. The Songo Lock, built about 1830, linked Long Lake and Brandy Pond with Sebago Lake, allowing passage of boats from Harrison to Portland through the Oxford-Cumberland Canal in Standish. A canning factory and cooperage were established at Naples village. The community also produced carriages, in addition to men’s and boy’s clothing, boots and shoes.

The beautiful scenery of the lakes, however, would make tourism the dominant industry. Visitors in the 19th century included Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne. To accommodate his passengers, Charles L. Goodridge of the Sebago Lake, Songo River & Bay of Naples Steamship Company built a hostelry on a knoll at the southern end of Long Lake. On July 26, 1899, The Bay of Naples Inn opened with 80 bedrooms. It was designed by John Calvin Stevens, who reduced by two-fifths a plan originally created for the ill-fated Metallak Hotel in Colebrook, New Hampshire. While under construction, The Metallak was destroyed in April of 1893 during a violent windstorm, and its investors abandoned the project. The Bay of Naples Inn, which faced Mount Washington and the east side of the White Mountains, was a popular resort during the early 20th century. It remained open through the 1951 season, but in 1964 was deemed unprofitable and razed.


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