OUr history

The quaint town of Naples, Maine, was first settled in 1774 and then Incorporated on March 4, 1834.
It is located on the beautiful Bay of Naples, just north of Sebago Lake, which looks out onto both Long Lake and Brandy Pond.

Naples began attracting visitors in the late 1700's. Because of the draw of Naples' beautiful lakes and businesses, hotels were soon needed to accommodate the many business people and vacationers traveling to the area.

The Bed and Breakfast has been a hotel since the late 18oo's. It was originally named The Hotel Naples. The price of room and board at that time for one week was a mere $3.50!

In the mid 1900's a young, Italian Immigrant, named Augustus Bove, moved to Naples. He became a prominent businessman and State Senator. He purchased the Hotel Naples and turned it into his private home. Years later his wife, Nancy, sold their home. The new owners turned the historic home back into an Inn. To Honor Mr. Bove for his community dedication to the town of Naples, the new owners named the Inn, "The Augustus Bove Bed and Breakfast".

In February of 2017, Carol and Dennis Hodgkins, purchased the Augustus Bove House Bed and Breakfast. Having grown up spending their summers in Naples, and later, bringing their own children to Naples to vacation, they wanted to begin a lifelong dream of living in, owning and operating a historic Bed and Breakfast.

Now Carol and Dennis welcome guests from across the country to their INN year-round as well as welcoming their children and grandchildren to share in their dream as well.